To develop a strong and cohesive society by creating awareness of developing the skills needed for 21st century in our children.

Mission statement

Preparing children for the challenges of the 21st century by empowering them with necessary life skills through natural learning experiences.

A Few Words About Our Center

My Activity Pune runs ‘The Jumping Joyes Experiential Learning Center’, kids activities in kothrud focuses on activities for the Early Years age group, i.e 4 to 9 years. Being the formative years of life that have a lasting impact on our lives, every aspect of the development of this age group is minutely taken care of while planning activities at the Center. It specializes in trainings, workshops, camps and activities conducted for teachers, parents, care givers, daycare facilitators, and students. For the adults catering to the age group topics related to the early years such as parenting, discipline in early years, effective remedies for increasing children’s attention span, story-telling and more are taken care of. For children, special monthly Sunday activities are planned around a theme. The theme is selected considering children’s fields of interest and bringing them closer to nature. For example themes such as Leaves,Pets, Dignity of Labour and more. The activities are run in small groups so that individual attention and enough of freedom to do the activities are possible. This results in effective in-depth learning.

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Our center provides the following services

Weekend children camp

Recreation Activities

Evening Modern Indoor Playground

Parenting Activities

Corporate training

Engage your kids creatively


We would like to thank you for your leadership in kids activities in kothrud. You are a great role model for all. Your encouraging and loving words to each of the little champ made a difference in their minds. Its great to be encouraged and recognized by the Principal. Along with being the Principal thank you for being the bet teacher as our daughter improved a lot from being aggressive to be a calm and good listener due to your regular counseling. We can’t appreciate enough to have Advika in this school under your guidance.

Advika’s family

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