Celebration time - October 2023

Session 1 – Greeting cards
Session 2 – Paper panti making.
Session 3 – Utna making
Session 4 – Soap making
Session 5 – Magical Rangoli
Session 6 – Deepotsav and Annakoot

Naivedyam - September 2023

Session 1 – Kala
Session 2 – Modak
Session 3 – Vatli daal and Panchakhadya

Flowers - August 2023

Session 1 – Flower arrangements
Session 2 – Flower meditation and Rakhie making

Leaves - July 2023

Session 1 – Nature Hunt
Session 2 – Leaf bookmarks
Session 3 -Cooking with Leaves
Session 4 – Gods and their Favorite leaves
Session 5 Leaf Toran and Rangoli

Lezim Activity - May 2023

Session 1 -Lezim Activity

Celebrating Mother Earth - April 2023

Session 1 – Seed bombs
Session 2 – Best from Waste

Life Savers - March 2023

Session 1 – Fire fighters
Session 2 – Bird Rescuers
Session 3 -Ambulance team


Scavenger Hunt - February 2023

Session 1 – Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
Session 2 – Nature Scavenger Hunt
Session 3 -Clues Treasure Hunt
Session 4 -Puzzle Treasure Hunt

Know Your City-December 22 and Jan 2023

Session 1 – Visit to Kasba Ganpati- Gramadaivat of Pune Visit to Tambdi Jogeshwari
Session 2 – Visit to an old building- Wada and Lal Mahal
Session 3 – Pune University
Session 4 – Meet the Mayor
Session 5 – Film Archives
Session 6 – Visit to Empress Garden
Session 7 – Khatri Pot Ice cream visit
Session 8 – Visit to Nehru Stadium
Session 9 – Visit to Kothrud Bus Depot

The theme for the month of September And October was ‘Know Thyself(Self Awareness)’

This theme covered a variety of topics related to children’s independence and awareness of self-related to various subjects of life. The sessions focused on giving children an understanding of each of the topics via discussions, Q-A, and listening to information given. This theme continued for 2 months that consisted 8 sessions.

Session 1 – Emotions
Session 2 – Building confidence
Session 3 – Gratitude
Session 4 – Growth Mindset
Session 5 – Core Values
Session 6 – Personal Hygiene
Session 7 – Environmental hygiene and Independence
Session 8 – Investment and Independence

The theme for the month of July and August was ‘Sign Language’

During the Sign Language sessions children got an opportunity to understand the use and importance of sign language in various aspects of life. Visit to the special restaurant where sign language is practiced was cherry on the cake.

Session 1 – Yoga Mudra
Session 2 – Dance Language
Session 3 – Common Signs
Session 4 – Restaurant Visit

The theme for the month of June was ‘I am going to rock my school year’- Fitness Funda.

Session 1 – Spatial Awareness and Core strength building
Session 2 – Healthy Eating Choices for school tiffin
Session 3 – Stamina Building with Yoga
Session 4 – Mindfulness meditation and Breathing techniques

The theme for the month of May was ‘Summer activities’.

The theme for the month of May was ‘Summer activities’. Children were given an experience of a variety of activities that are usually enjoyed by children in summer.

Session 1 – Water balloon play and wet chalk painting
Session 2 – Batata kees and sabudana papdya
Session 3 – Summer coolers
Session 4 – Ice cream making
Session 5 – Cards and Bhel making

The theme for the month of April was ‘New Year Celebrations’.

The theme for the month of April was ‘New Year Celebrations’. To mark the beginning of our New Year and the importance of our traditions was the main focus of activities conducted during the sessions.

Session 1 –Chaitrangan Rangoli

‘Spring Has Sprung’- March

The theme for the month of March was ‘Spring Has Sprung’. Awareness of the changes in nature during the transition from winter to summer was highlighted in this theme. Each session got children interested as they observed the changes in nature and understood about the reasons behind these changes.

Session 1 –Nature Walk
Session 2Nest making and nest puzzles
Session 3 – Spring Art
Session 4 – Spring Recipes and meditation

Let Us Paint- January and February

The theme for the months of January and February was ‘Let Us Paint’. A variety of experiences with different types of paints was given to children during this theme. Each session created interest and enhanced their knowledge about Painting.

Session 1 – Face and body painting
Session 2Canvas Painting
Session 3 -Warli Painting
Session 4 – Spray Painting temple.
Session 5 – Wall Painting
Session 6 – Glass painting
Session 7 – Car Painting
Session 8 – Visit to a painting studio

Know your City-3- November and December

We are exploring Pune City with our children under the theme ‘Know your City’. Children have been participating in this activity for 3 years now.

Session 1 – Magic show
Session 2 –  Locating various important monuments in Pune
Session 3 –  Visited oldest bakeries of Pune- Santosh Bakery
Session 4 -Visited the oldest and ancient temple of Pune city- Omkareshwar temple.
Session 5 – Visited to Balgandharva Rang Mandir and Yashwantrao Natyagruha
Session 6 – Visited the famous Kesariwada,
Session 7 – Visited to the Southern Command Museum.

Flowers - September and October

The theme for the months of September and October was Flowers. Children had a wonderful exposure to this theme. Each session created interest and enhanced their knowledge about flowers.

Session 1 – Herbarium making
Session 2 – Ikebana
Session 3 – Cooking
Session 4 – Flower rangolis and veni making
Session 5 – Tie and Dye
Session 6 –  Origami flowers
Session 7 – Icing Flowers

Naadbrahma - August

The theme of Naadbrahma was about introducing beat and rhythm to children. Variations and different forms of percussion were introduced to children in the 4 sessions that were conducted during the month.

Session 1 – Introduced to beat and rhythm.
Session 2 – Produce a variety of rhythms
Session 3 -Different sounds that our bodies make
Session 4 – Watch videos of object percussion

Face to Face With Your Face - July (2nd Session)

Each of the sense organ was dedicated 2 sessions- The first one was interaction with the doctor and the other a follow up session with some fun activity or game.

Session 1 – Internal structure of the eyes
Session 2 – Drawings made with open eyes and blindfolded eyes
Session 3 – Internal structure of the Ear
Session 4 – Passing the word(Kaan goshti)

Face to Face With Your Face - June (1st Session)

The theme focused on creating an awareness and importance about the 5 senses. The highlight of the theme was expert doctors related to each of the senses came forward to interact with the children. This was a one of its kinds experience for all.

Each of the sense organ was dedicated 2 sessions- The first one was interaction with the doctor and the other a follow up session with some fun activity or game.

Session 1 – Facts about teeth
Session 2 – Made edible teeth
Session 3 – Learnt about parts of the skin
Session 4 –  Made their own whitening cream from scratch

Minute to Win It! - May

To make children’s summer an interesting one the theme of Minute to Win It was planned around various games. The games for this theme were conducted in 5 sessions. Each session focused on one area of development in children.

Session 1 – Cognitive skills
Session 2 – Gross Motor skills
Session 3 Fine Motor skills
Session 4 – Social & Emotional skills.
Session 5 – Speech & Language development.

My Earth Day Pledge - April

My Earth Day Pledge promises to do my best to conserve Earth’s resources and reduce pollution.

Session 1 – Concept of reduce, reuse, recycle
Session 2 – Pledge to begin the session
Session 3 – Make a poster for Earth Day.
Session 4 – Bingo game with respect to the Earth Day. 

Brainignition - March

This theme touched a very important aspect of development in children. Development of the brain and exercises related to it was the main aim of this theme. The exercises were divided into 4 categories. Each session dealt with the specific exercises related to those body parts. The sessions started with Omkar recitation.

7th March – Hand exercises
14th March – Facial exercises
21st March – Hand and Leg exercises
28th March – Full body exercises

Know Your City (KYC)–part 2 - February

Under this theme we explored our city especially by visiting places in person. This time we explored 4 new places in Pune.

7th Feb – Blades of Glory
15th Feb – The zero milestone of Pune and the GPO
21st – Feb Pune’s own Children’s Author
28th –  Feb Visit to Cycle Museum

Our Life Lines-Soil-January

Our Life Lines theme ended with the study of ‘Soil’ in the month of January.

First Session –  Sand art
Second Session – Cooking with sand
Third Session – Play With Clay
Fourth Session – Making Face Packs with soil
Fifth Session – Our Life Lines- Soil

Our Life Lines- Water - December

We continued to study some more aspects of water in the month of December.

First Session – Rain Cycle
Second Session – Rain Harvesting.
Third Session – Different forms of water
Fourth Session – Properties of water related to Physics

Our Life Lines- Water - November

In November we continued to learn further about our life-lines. This time we explored various aspects of water.

First Session – Walking Water
Second Session – Draw Rangoli
Third Session -Making Artistic And Decorative Paper
Fourth Session –  About Our Body Composition

Our Life Lines- Continued exploring Air-October

Air plays an important role in our lives. The presence of air often goes un-noticed as it is a integral part of our day to day living. So an effort to make children understand the role of air in our lives and its scope, by doing a variety of activities ranging from experiments to games and art was the focus of this theme.

4 th Oct- Making Music with Air
11th  Oct- Parachute making
18th-Oct-  Art and Games with Air

Our Life Lines- Air -September

Air plays an important role in our lives. The presence of air often goes un-noticed as it is a integral part of our day to day living. So an effort to make children understand the role of air in our lives and its scope, by doing a variety of activities ranging from experiments to games and art was the focus of this theme.

6 th September- Making Pinwheels and experimenting with them
13 th September- Experimenting with Air is Fun
20 th September- Experimenting with Air- making working models
27 th September- Music In the Air (Interaction with a flutist)

Our Life Line-Plants - August

Children love to travel and are curious about the world and its places. This theme gave children a broader view of how countries are located on the earth following latitudes and longitudes. Activities such as passport making and re-creating personalized ‘Wonders of the world’ were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

2 August- Identifying Herbs
9 August- Making herb infused Oils, planting herbs, interaction with an herb expert
16 August- An interview with our home chefs, herb oil recipes
30 th August- Making Natural Colours from plants

Its a Small World- (July)

Children love to travel and are curious about the world and its places. This theme gave children a broader view of how countries are located on the earth following latitudes and longitudes. Activities such as passport making and re-creating personalized ‘Wonders of the world’ were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

5th July- Locating countries(Latitudes and Longitudes)
12 th July- Passport making
19 th July- Tour the world (Interaction with an airhostess)
26 th July- Wonders of the World(Let’s Recreate)

Story Building- (June)

Story Building is a simple effort to aid language development. By creating and telling a story, children learn to organize their thoughts and use written language to communicate with readers in a variety of ways. Writing stories also helps children better read and understand, stories written by other people.

7 June Story in a bag
14 June Sequence Story
21 June Collage story
28 June Puppet story

Bingo Mania - The Fun Game (May)

We all love to have fun especially during holidays. Bingo is one such fun game that can be played with friends, colleagues and family. Jumping Joey’s made it more special by designing different bingo ideas to involve kids and give them the fun and learn opportunity.

3 rd May- Busy Bingo
10 th May- Math Bingo
17 th May- Roll A Dice
24 th May- Clue Bingo
31 st May- Know Your Family

Summer MasterChef's ( April)

Jumping Joey’s Sunday Activity Club now comes up with an exciting theme of ‘Summer Master Chefs’ for April. The activities range from understanding the food  pyramid, spice box, menu planning, cooking presentation and clean up tips. Get your children a ‘Hatke Sunday Summer Fun’.

5 th April- Introduced Food Pyramid, made Dadpe Pohe
12 th April- Introduced ‘Cooking Terms’, made Watermelon mojito
19 th April- Introduced Spice Box, made Bread sushi rolls
26 th April- Introduced Summer Friendly Foods, made mango lassi and Jaljeera

BOX Not A Box - Story Session

Story telling has lost its place in today’s schooling practice. This statement is not at all an exaggeration. There is no time for reading or narrating stories to children and getting the multiple benefits of it.

Box Artifact

Children have immense imagination. This time making an artifact using their imagination made it an  interesting session at Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center’s, Sunday Activity Club.

Experimenting with Sand 02/02/2020​

Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center’s Sunday Activity Club began their February month with a new theme. The theme for the month is Sand. At the first session of this theme today children observed and experimented with samples of sand and soil given to them. They used a magnifying glass along with their natural senses of sight and touch to examine the samples provided. 

Sand clock & Simple Water Filter 09/02/2020​​

Engaging children in constructive projects is a big challenge for working parents. We at Jumping Joey’s try to overcome this challenge and provide an atmosphere where children are exposed to a variety of materials, guided experiments, demonstrations and free expression opportunities. Under the monthly theme of February, on Sunday 9th Feb, children experienced the making of a sand clock.. We are thankful to families who understand the need of experiential learning and enroll their children in our Activity Club every Sunday

Sand Art & Sand Shakers 16/02/2020​

Children always express themselves in their unique ways. Especially when it comes to art, their creativity is at its fullest. It is the adult world that shadows their creativity as they set expectations of how the end products have to be and compel them to follow the set path. At Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center we take the needed care of setting the child’s creativity free of expectations and encourage them to express themselves in their own unique ways. Not to forget the appreciation they get for the products they make. We not only provide them with a variety of physical materials but also a wide variety of inputs for creative thinking. They love these activities because they have the freedom of expression. One such activity was conducted on Sunday, 16 th Feb, 2020.

Sand Depot visit and Sand play 23/02/2020

In the month of February, children at Jumping Joey’s Sunday Activity Club covered activities related to sand. This time they went for a visit to the Sand depot. At the Sand depot they got first hand information about the
various types of sand available for sale. The depot manager explained the uses of various types of sand, their constitution and sources to the children. They also got to see how they sifted  sand to get fine sand needed for specific reasons.Later, children got to play with sand using various tools and this gave them feeling of relaxation and joy. Children got engaged in sieving, pouring and filling sand in various containers. The feel of the fresh sea sand was super cool and soothing.

Visited Shaniwarwada

In the series of visiting iconic places in Pune under the theme KnowYour City, children of Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center visited Shaniwarwada on 25 th Jan 2020.Curious children ready to explore the ancient fort palace, began their observations instantly after entering the fort. Along the tour they shared information, discussed their findings and expressed views about what they were seeing. This was supplemented by information given by the teachers.Children examined and were astonished to see the water harvesting system that existed even in olden times.

We were fortunate to have a guided tour of the fort with our friend archaeologist and expert once again. Children keenly observed the various defined areas of the fort and took in the information given to them by the tour guide. Children interacted with the guide and asked him various questions about the structures they saw. Children climbed up and down the fort enthusiastically behind the tour guide, trying to take in as much information as they can. Children showed amazing enthusiasm while they explored the fort. It was really worth seeing the interest shown by these children while they took the tour walking tirelessly for 1.5 hours. Considering the age group this was really an incredible job!

With this field trip the Know Your City- Part 1 theme journey came to an end.


This Sunday, kids of The Jumping Joey’s visited Pataleshwar caves as a part of their theme ‘Know Your City’. Big and small, short and tall, deep or shallow, caves always offer a sense of mystery, discovery, and adventure. The caves are the old heritage of Pune.The visit offered the kids exploration, excitement and a chance to learn about geology, biology, and history. They absolutely loved exploring the caves.The kids started the exploration with climbing an age old banyan tree in the premises. They touched and tried climbing the prop roots of the old banyan tree.As most of them were first time visitors of caves, they had to draw their perception of a cave at home. They shared these ideas of a cave with their friends through pictures they had brought with them. Some thought there were thorns in the cave, it was dark from inside, animals lived in it, some had dripping water, etc.It was now time to actually take a look at the caves.Slowly, minding their steps they walked down chiseled stairs and entered a big cave carved from one big stone. The kids were to  limpse the carvings using a magnifying glass and they were all excited to climb on and jump off the rock walls. Each one was busy looking through the magnifying glass and sharing their findings.We were fortunate to have an interaction with a government archaeological who happened to be at the site for some work. He was kind enough to share information with the kids and answer their questions with patienceThey asked questions like – why is everything so rough, what is the white line between two layers of rock. They also got to see the rainwater harvesting project in the caves. This told them that water was saved even 2000 years ago.

The kids were given an activity to do etching of the different stones and carvings using crayons. They climbed on the steep walkways or sat on the carved stairs, held their papers against the ceiling to trace the variety carvings. They cherished every bit of being in the caves.

We are sure next time these kids visit the caves with their parents; these little ones will be the tour guides.
Our next one will be a sure ‘fun and learn’ outing once again!

Galaxy Treasures

Kids activities in kothrud monthly theme for October-November was Galaxy Treasures. This included activities related to space. Children enjoyed making their own galaxies in small water bottles. They experienced Star Gazing and were enthralled to see how beautiful the moon looks. They could see the Saturn rings in real, which usually are only available to see in the books and remain imaginary. In the Sun Dial activity they saw how the shadow of the sun moves throughout the day and marked timings on their Sun Dial to make their own clock. Further to the experience with the Sun, children saw a demo of Solar Cooker. They were briefed about the construction and use of a solar cooker. They then got to make their own Solar cookers using simple material such as shoe box, tinted black paper, silver foil and a wrap paper. Lastly children got to experience the experiments of refraction of light with a prism and crystallization of sugar and salt using sunlight.

Star Gazing Event
Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center with Sandhya Panhalkar’s Dnyanada’s A B C Play School, arranged their first Star Gazing Event in Kothrud on Friday, 11 Oct.

Excited young children aged 3-8 years gathered at the venue with their parents. They were eager to go see the Moon and stars as their parents told it to them. But before heading to the actual Star Gazing they were engaged in some activities that provided them with hands on learning.

The awe moment for children was when they could actually see the craters of the moon clearly. Some were fortunate to get a glimpse of the Saturn rings and Jupiter. They also got their fun pictures clicked at the photo booth where they pretended to be inside a rocket and an astronaut.

Happy and excited faces talking about how these real stars looked left the venue spending almost 2 hours.

Good news!!!!!
Due to an overwhelming response to this event, there will be one more session of Star Gazing in the month of November. Watch for the date to be announced soon……..

The Sunday Activity for September is Pets.

Children naturally have an attraction for animals such as cats, dogs, fish, as well as birds. Keeping in view the interest of children, activities were planned around the theme of Pets.

Children grasp concepts and information easily and retain it for longer time if it is presented in the form of first hand experiences. There is a lot of learning happening unknowingly when children are exposed to such experiences of their interest. Children develop active listening, processing of information, compiling information, sharing it confidently in a group, socializing, logical thinking, display creativity, attention span and a lot more.

The activities included visit to Pet shop, a demo of aquarium set up, Veterinary doctor’s visit, making and comparing cat and dog foot prints as well as discussions about which animals can be kept as pets and why not all of them and more. 

Leaves 1

Leaves 2

Leaves 3

Leaves 4

Leaves 5

Evening Modern Indoor Playground