Our Life Lines- Water (November)

First session - Walking Water

In the first session we saw ‘Walking Water’, displacement of water through filter paper and mixing of colurs. This was not only an engaging activity but a lot of fun. Children were thrilled how the water travelled from one jar to other and how the colours blended to form a new colour.

Second session - Draw Rangoli

In the second session, we used water as a medium to draw rangoli that stayed for a longer time than the regular one. As it was festive time children enjoyed expressing their creativity to create rangoli designs to beautify their house entrance They were no doubt proud of their creations which they showed off  to their parents and friends.

Third session - Making artistic and decorative papers

Our third session was about making artistic and decorative papers, which could be used as nametags when we tie presents or to put them on their belongings. We made 2 types of decorative papers using water as a medium.  We used coloured chalk scrapes and oil drops in coloured water to make two different types of papers. Both came out well!

Fourth session - Our body composition

In our fourth session, we talked about our body composition. Percentage of water in our body as well as different fruits and vegetables. We also made some recipes with water as our base and using juice of fruits such as – orange mojito, cucumber ice cubes and carrot pop sticks.

In all, this month was super fun!