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Aashadhi Ekadashi on 20th July 2021

Children at Jumping Joeys celebrated Aashadhi Ekadashi on 20th July 2021. Preserving our culture and traditions and passing them on to future generations in a unique way was the main aim of this celebration. A variety of enriching experiences with STEAM learning modules were provided to the children, that they would remember for a long time.

Science– they learnt about the importance of parts of a Tulsi plant. They planted tulsi seeds in a pot.
Technology– they used the chop and churn machine. The technology of the use of a blade showed them how a lot of cucumber could be chopped uniformly and in very less time and effort.
Engineering– they built their own temple models with material provided to them, using their own imagination.
Art– they used zhanj and chipli as they sang hymns and chanted God’s name.
Math– they made a chanting garland out of 108 beads.

They relished sabudana khichadi, cucumber salad and rajgira ladoo after the activity.

A World Milk Day- 1st June 2021

Jumping Joeys arranged a field trip to a nearby cow-shed to watch milking of Cows and Buffaloes, on this day. 
Children watched the whole process of milking the cow very patiently and keenly. They also got to drink the fresh milk and showed off their milk moustaches. Near the cow-shed they got to see a goat and a kid, sheep, hens and calves along with cows and buffaloes. 
As a follow up activity, children got to experience cow milking on a model of cow after they came back from the field visit. Children were totally blown off with this experience, which was indeed a unique one!
Children who could not join this in-person activity, participated by making cow-head bands or a small video about information on milk.

World Families Day

Zero Shadow Hour

Earth Day