Our Life Lines-Air

Our Life Lines-Air- September

Air plays an important role in our lives. The presence of air often goes un-noticed as it is a integral part of our day to day living. So an effort to make children understand the role of air in our lives and its scope, by doing a variety of activities ranging from experiments to games and art was the focus of this theme.

Making a pinwheel and related experiments - 6 Sept

Children made pinwheels of various paper materials and experimented with them. This gave them an experience of science application. They had to observe and record their findings, compare and study the inferences.

Finding Air - 13 Sept

Children did 2 experiments where they experienced air. In the first experiment they did the dry tissue magic experiment by dipping an inverted glass with tissue paper inside, in a tub of water. They inferred that since air was present in the glass, water could not enter the glass. In the second experiment, they saw how a balloon can be blown inside a bottle if air from the bottle is allowed to rush out from one end.

Working Models - 20 Sept

Children made a working model of lungs, to show how the lungs inflate as we breathe in air and deflate as we exhale air. In another model they made a boat that sailed on water as the inflated balloon got deflated, thus pushing the boat to move forward.

Music in the Air - 27 Sept

Children got information about a variety of instruments that work on air. They got a chance to interact with a flutist. They saw how blowing air makes a flute work and sound. They also did some breathing exercises, which made them aware of air and how to release air for desired intensity of sound.