Our Life Lines- Water Cont… (December)

First session -Rain Cycle

In the first session in December we saw the ‘Rain Cycle’. We made two working models to see the actual rain formation process. One was in a cup and the other one with help of a plastic bag. Children were busy watching the various steps in rain formation and learnt new vocabulary as well. They also recorded their observations. This made the concept more understandable.

Second session -Rain Harvesting

During the second session, children interacted with a resource person. He introduced children to the concept of Rain Harvesting. Children explored the rain harvesting system in place in their own residential building. They curiously viewed the underground water level through a small whole where a pump was attached to get the saved water. Later they also recollected the process and represented it in a drawing.

Third session -Different forms of water

The third session was about different forms of water. Ice cubes and its formation was a very interesting activity as they could observe icicles forming at first and then the water solidifying. They also got to see how snowflakes were formed and tried to see the icicles with a magnifying glass. They recorded their observations.

Fourth session - Properties of water related to physics

In the last session we studied some properties of water related to physics. The first one was about shape of water and the other one was about illusion in water. Children enjoyed doing this, as they had to physically work with bottles and water. They recorded their observations. They discussed their results with each other. They were thrilled to see how illusion is caused when objects are kept in water, not fully immersed. The session concluded with ‘Water Meditation’ which the children enjoyed very much.