It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World - July

Children love to travel and are curious about the world and its places. This theme gave children a broader view of how countries are located on the earth following latitudes and longitudes. Activities such as passport making and re-creating personalized ‘Wonders of the world’ were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Locating countries (Latitudes and Longitudes) - 5 July

Reading a globe or world map was a first time experience that these children had. Understanding latitudes and longitudes practically has certainly given them a clear concept of how countries are located around the globe and how this affects the climate conditions and time zones of various countries. They also got to take a look at the flags of various countries. Children got to see Airline logos and crew of various airlines. They designed their own airline logo too!

Passport making - 12 July

The most important document that allows us to travel around the world is passport. Children got a clear understanding of the things that are an integral part of a passport. They enjoyed making their own passports. A twist to the original passport was, children had to write ‘which countries they have travelled so far’ and ‘which countries they want to travel in the future.

Tour the world (Interaction with an airhostess) - 19 July

This session was a total fun as children got to interact with an Airhostess. She shared her travel experiences, her duties and routine. Children got to ask her questions and were very happy and satisfied with the interaction.

Wonders of the World (Let’s Recreate) - 26 July

We took a look at various countries and the special monuments there. Children then had an opportunity to recreate some special monument of their own out of some waste materials. Children came up with bright ideas and constructed the best of the monuments of their imagination. Creativity at the best.