Our Life Line-Plants

Our Life Line-Plants- August

To bring in the awareness amongst children about our environment and the importance of preserving it for better future, is the main aim of this theme- Our Life Lines. They include activities related to Plants, Air, Water and Soil.

Introduction to herbs - 2 August

This included identifying herbs, smelling and tasting different herbs, understanding the concept of herbs, comparing herbs and shrubs and leaf etching.

Planting herbs and making herb infused oil - 9 August

The children learnt how to plant herbs such as fenugreek, mint and coriander. Children made 2 herb infused oils by following given instructions. They were excited to make their favorite herb infused oils as they were to use them to make salad dressings for their next session.

Interview with an herb expert and making salad dressings - 16 August

Children had a very good interactive session with an herb expert. She showed various herbs that can be grown at home and the importance of eating herbs regularly to maintain immunity against diseases. Later children used the herb infused oils to make salad dressings as per instructions and relished their preparations.

Natural plant based colors - 30 th August

Children were given an exercise to observe and understand the various colors of vegetables. They got to extract colors from some vegetables like beetroot, carrot, onions and spinach and dye pasta. A demonstration was given by boiling purple cabbage and then experimenting with the color extract. Children got to see how saffron fields are grown. They also got to do a worksheet where they wrote down the parts of the plant and color it gives.