Know Your City (KYC)–part 2 -February

Under this theme we explored our city especially by visiting places in person. This time we explored 4 new places in Pune.

7th Feb- Blades of Glory

This is a museum dedicated to the game of cricket. It was their first time to visit a museum for almost all of them. They were enthralled to see the huge collection of bats, balls, caps, gloves and the pictures of cricketers around the world. We did not come to know how an hour and a half had gone by. Later we went to the Taljai temple and had lunch under the tree. A wonderful experience for children!

15th Feb- The zero milestone of Pune and the GPO

We visited the main post office in Pune, situated in camp. The City Center is situated at the same place as well. It is the zero milestone of Pune.

Children admired the old building of the GPO while they took a stroll around the campus. The staff there shared a lot of information as well as answered their questions. Children even got to make their own picture stamps! They interacted with the postman, the post officer and saw the processes of dispatch. The segregation boxes with names of areas in Pune brought a smile on their faces as they knew the names of various areas.  

Later at the Zero milestone children got to see why, when, how and what this place was about. They loved to click their pictures at ‘ PUNE zero Km’ signpost.

21st Feb Pune’s own Children’s Author

This was a session with the children’s author- Manjusha Amdekar. She has a couple of titles written as well as translated for children. She read a story from her collection and interacted with the children. There was an overwhelming response to her question to the children about which topics they would want her to write stories on. Children gave wonderful ideas, which she assured them that she will try her best to bring to her future books.

28th Feb Visit to Cycle Museum

One of its kinds, the best collection of bicycles and accessories was really beyond imagination.  Very systematically arranged and displayed, this was a wonderful experience for our children. It was so much information that almost each one of them decided to come back to visit this collection with their families once again. Some of our children also got inspired about the hobby of collecting things/objects and then making a museum for them.