Our Life Lines-Soil (January)

First session - Sand art

The first session consisted of Sand art. Children drew drawings and then collaged them with coloured sand. Children love it when they are given freedom to express themselves and colors are the best medium for it. Along with the colors the texture of the coloured sand was very different for them. They enjoyed every minute of this activity.

Second session - Cooking with sand

‘Cooking with sand’ was the second session conducted in the series. This was a very unique experience. Children got to see some dried seeds of food grains such as rice, jowar, bajra, ragi, etc. being roasted in sand. The moment they were put into hot sand they popped into puffs. It was such a fun experience to watch these pops freshly made and taste them hot. The children also drew drawings of the grains and the respective pops so as to help remember them. Popcorns were the favorite of all the pops made. The ragi pops were the tiniest of them all.

Third session - Play With Clay

‘Play With Clay’ was the next session in the series. A potter had been invited with the potters wheel. The feel of clay and the fun of trying to shape it on the moving wheel was a wonderful experience that was liked by all the children. They were engaged in observing how the potter made a variety of pots and Diya’s. They were excited to try making pots of their choice. They proudly carried their pots home.

Fourth session - Making Face Packs with soil

Making Face Packs with soil was the next session in this series. The base was of course sand- Multani mitti. The various ingredients like milk, honey, rose water along with the multani mitti, gave the children an experience of calmness. They were excited to take home these face packs for their beloved moms to try. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. 

In this session children also got to know about the red mud that is used to colour earthen pots used for planting. Commonly known as ‘Kaav’. Children scraped the exteriors of the plant pots and coloured them with the ‘Kaav’ to give them a brand new look. 

Fifth session - Our Life Lines- Soil

The last session of Our Life Lines- Soil, was an ultimate experience for the children. We visited a wrestling ring. The children were so enthusiastic that they welcomed our children and showed a variety of exercises and games in wrestling. Our enthusiastic children jumped into the red soil to try their hand at wrestling. It was almost impossible to convince children to dress up and leave as we were getting late to get back home. They however took a promise form us that we will bring them back here once again in the future.