Summer MasterChef’s

Summer MasterChef's (April)

Jumping Joey’s Sunday Activity Club now comes up with an exciting theme of ‘Summer Master Chefs’ for April. The activities range from understanding the food  pyramid, spice box, menu planning, cooking presentation and clean up tips. Get your children a ‘Hatke Sunday Summer Fun’.

Summer Master Chefs-5 th April

Introduced Food Pyramid, made Dadpe Pohe.

In this session children got information about the Food Pyramid. The importance of each of the food groups and right amount of intake of each of these food groups was highlighted during the session. This was followed by making ‘Dadpe Pohe’, including foods from all the food groups of the Food Pyramid.

Summer Master Chefs-12 th April

Introduced ‘Cooking Terms’, made Watermelon mojito.

In this session children got to know various terms used in cooking. This was followed up by making watermelon mojito.

Summer Master Chefs-19 th April

Introduced Spice Box, made Bread sushi rolls.

In this session children got acquainted with the commonly used ‘Spice Box’ form
our kitchen. Children made sushi rolls by making 3 different spreads.

Summer Master Chefs-26 th April

Introduced Summer Friendly Foods, made mango lassi and Jaljeera.

In this session children got to know about different summer foods and their importance in countering the heat of summer and keeping cool. They enjoyed making mango lassi and jal jeera in this session.