Sand Activity

Sand Depot visit and Sand play 23/02/2020

In the month of February, children at Jumping Joey’s Sunday Activity Club covered activities related to sand. This time they went for a visit to the Sand depot. At the Sand depot they got first hand information about the various types of sand available for sale. The depot manager explained the uses of various types of sand, their constitution and sources to the children. They also got to see how they sifted sand to get fine sand needed for specific reasons. Later, children got to play with sand using various tools and this gave them feeling of relaxation and joy. Children got engaged in sieving, pouring and filling sand in various containers. The feel of the fresh sea sand was super cool and soothing. Happy faces left the activity center wondering about what the next month’s theme would be!

Sand Art & Sand Shakers 16/02/2020​

Children always express themselves in their unique ways. Especially when it comes to art, their creativity is at its fullest. It is the adult world that shadows their creativity as they set expectations of how the end products have to be and compel them to follow the set path. At kids activities in kothrud Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center we take the needed care of setting the child’s creativity free of expectations and encourage them to express themselves in their own unique ways. Not to forget the appreciation they get for the products they make. We not only provide them with a variety of physical materials but also a wide variety of inputs for creative thinking. They love these activities because they have the freedom of expression. One such activity was conducted on Sunday, 16 th Feb, 2020. The children enjoyed making their own Sand art in glass bottles using a variety of colored sand. They not only showed their creativity in doing this but also boosted their aesthetic sense and sense of appreciation for the creativity of their friends. They stayed on task thus developing their attention span and concentration skills. The Sand Shakers was another fun-filled activity that they got to do. This gave them the sense of sound and experimenting with quantity of sand that created the sounds while making the sand shakers. They happily carried their shakers back home.

Sand clock & Simple Water Filter 09/02/2020​

Engaging children in constructive projects is a big challenge for working parents. We at Jumping Joey’s try to overcome this challenge and provide an atmosphere where children are exposed to a variety of materials, guided experiments, demonstrations and free expression opportunities. Under the monthly theme of February, on Sunday 9th Feb, children experienced the making of a sand clock. This not only developed in them scientific attitude but they got to try out things by themselves until they made a workable sand clock by themselves. They decorated it and carried it home proudly. This gave them a feeling of confidence, independence and pride in their abilities. This will certainly reflect in the projects that they need to make in their school years. The Water filter demo gave them an opportunity to observe, think and reflect on the process of filtration. This type of learning is not only long lasting but realistic. We are thankful to families who understand the need of experiential learning and enroll their
children in our Activity Club every Sunday.

Experimenting with Sand 02/02/2020

Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center’s Sunday Activity Club began their February month with a new theme. The theme for the month is Sand. At the first session of this theme today children observed and experimented with samples of sand and soil given to them. They used a magnifying glass along with their natural senses of sight and touch to examine the samples provided. They were given an observation sheet to draw the different types of sand/soil as they perceived. Then each one of them got a chance to describe the physical features of each of the samples provided. Each of them gave very good inputs, in which their past experiences, their logical thinking and observations clearly reflected.

They were then given a brief description about how sand is actually formed, as well as what the samples actually consisted of. The exciting part came after the discussion. They were each given a dropper and vinegar. They had to add drops of vinegar to each of the samples and observe if there was any change they could see. The teachers then explained the changes in few of the samples, which was new information for the students. In all, it was a wonderful experiential learning experience for the students as well as teachers.