Minute to Win It! – (May)

First session - Cognitive skills

Games that helped activate their brains were planned in this session. Games such as maze, make maximum pictures with your thumb impressions, arrange playing cards from 1-10 and vice versa, follow instructions to make a picture, recollect and draw pictures shown, complete the given pattern.

Second session - Gross Motor skills

Games that focused on use of gross motor skills such as balloon tossing, button your shirt worn in a reverse way, draw a circle and crawl around it, follow the leader, chair hurdle, standing on the newspaper until the last fold.

Third session - Fine Motor skills

Arranging 2 Rs. Coins in 2 patterns shown using balance, cutting hair for a paper plate face, making holes following a design, making dots rangoli, tracing hand on newspaper number of times in one minute, transferring nuts using tongs.

Fourth session - Social & Emotional skills

Using skills to express themselves and emotions was the theme of these activities. A board game, reacting to statements told, acting out emotions, narrating incidents in your life for particular emotions told.

Fifth session -Speech & Language development

Focused on developing language games such as alliteration poems, tongue twisters in both English and Marathi, fun with homonyms and a special phone call to God, were the games conducted in this session.