The theme for the month of September And October was ‘Know Thyself(Self Awareness)’

This theme covered a variety of topics related to children’s independence and awareness of self-related to various subjects of life. The sessions focused on giving children an understanding of each of the topics via discussions, Q-A, and listening to information given. This theme continued for 2 months that consisted 8 sessions.

Session 1 – Emotions

In this session children learnt about the common emotions and how they need to be aware of them. Thus creating awareness about emotion that get created and their impacts in daily life.

Session 2 –Building confidence

Children listed down 5 things that they are best at and discussed why they thought so. They then made two affirmations to help them build confidence in them.

Session 3 – Gratitude

Children talked out what they think was gratitude and later also drew pictures of what they were grateful for. The mentor explained a broad meaning and awareness about making gratitude a habit.

Session 4 – Growth Mindset

Making use of various positive affirmation statements children were given an understanding about being open to learning and to make efforts towards achieving what they want for themselves.

Session 5 – Core Values

Values are an integral part of our lives. Children were explained the importance of 5 basic values that they will want to develop as they grow into responsible adults.

Session 6 – Personal Hygiene

Children were asked questions about personal hygiene and how they will work towards caring for themselves. Children were given simple examples and tips during this session.

Session 7 – Environmental hygiene and Independence

Creating awareness about the impact of clean environment on their lives was the highlight of this session. Children actively participated in the discussion. They were given guidelines for their contribution in maintaining Environmental hygiene.

Session 8 – Investment and Independence

Investment in Time, Energy and Resources was highlighted in the session through a series of day-to-day life activity photos. Children related to the pictures and shared their experiences. Along with this a guideline
about how to manage pocket money was also given to children.