Face to Face With Your Face (July)

Session 1 - Internal structure of the eyes

Children interacted with Mrs. Vrinda Vidhwans during this session on Eyes. She explained the internal structure of the eyes and how to take care of eyes. She discussed the right food to be eaten, the importance of eye exercises and the need to keep away from screen in order to keep their eyes safe. Children enjoyed doing the eye exercises. They promised not to use tabs and mobile unnecessarily.

Session 2 - Drawings made with open eyes and blindfolded eyes

Drawings made with open eyes and blindfolded eyes were such an amazing experience children experienced. The funny drawings made while they were blindfolded, made them aware about how important eyes are for us. They also tried to walk as per instructions while they were blindfolded. The children got to see the Braille script. Alphabets written by some visually impaired children were made available to see, with help from Poona Girls Blind School. They also got to see the Math board and how those children made numbers.

Session 3 - Internal structure of the Ear

Children interacted with Dr. Swanand Gholap a wellknown ENT specialist. He showed children the internal structure of the Ear with a model, a view inside the throat and ear with help of video.
He also showed his tools that he used to check throat, nose and ears. Children volunteered to get their ears checked from the doctor. They learnt how to take care of these organs.


Session 4 - Passing the word (Kaan goshti)

Children played a game of Passing the word(Kaan goshti). They enjoyed the distorted messages and had fun.
They also played the matching sound box game, guessing the right sounds and matching them.
Another game that they enjoyed was identifying the things with the help of smell.