‘Spring Has Sprung’- March

The theme for the month of March was ‘Spring Has Sprung’. Awareness of the changes in nature during the transition from winter to summer was highlighted in this theme. Each session got children interested as they observed the changes in nature and understood about the reasons behind these changes.

Session 1 – Nature Walk

Children took a leisurely stroll around the vicinity, observing nature on the Nature Scavenger Hunt. The newly sprouted shoots of tress, bird sounds and the fresh cool air got them really excited. As they could find out similar looking trees, birds and fruits for their Scavenger Hunt, they eagerly showed them to the group and become verbal about the information they had as well the information they received.

Session 2 – Nest making and nest puzzles

Children got to see a variety of pictures of nests of different birds and enjoyed putting together the puzzles. This was a very informative session as children got an insight to the engineering skills that birds exhibit during this season of nest building. Children also got to see a real bird nest which they observed very keenly. Using materials such as hay, grass, cotton, weak twigs of trees, dry leaves and thread, children put their imaginations and creativity along with their engineering skills to build nests.

Session 3 – Spring Art

Children created Nature collage using a variety of materials such as grass, twigs, dry leaves, paint and paper. Children made butterflies, caterpillars, flowers and nests in this nature collage.

Session 4 – Spring Recipes and meditation

Children got to listen to bird sounds during spring and practiced meditation. Later they drew things they saw in the course of meditation. Making spring rolls with baby bananas was so much fun. They enjoyed the process as well as loved tasting these spring rolls.