Flowers – (September and October)

The theme for the months of September and October Flowers. Children had a wonderful exposure to this theme. Each session created interest and enhanced their knowledge about flowers.

Session 1 – Herbarium making

‘Bring the Outdoors Inside’. This is a technique to preserve the flowers, especially champak flowers for a long duration of time. However, a variety of flowers were chosen for preservation in this session. Children enjoyed this process thoroughly.

Session 2 – Ikebana

An expert from the Indo-Japanese Association in Pune, demonstrated the Japanese art of making a flower decoration. 2 types of arrangements were demonstrated in this session. Children learnt a lot of vocabulary related to these arrangements. They also got to handle a few special objects used in making these decorative arrangements.

Session 3 – Cooking

All time favourite session of students is cooking. 2 special types of flowers were selected for this cooking session. The first was banana flower commonly known as Kelful, and the other variety was Hadga flowers. Children learnt the cleaning of these flowers and preparing them to be cooked. Later they loved tasting these special vegetables.

Session 4 – Flower rangolis and veni making

Children used their imagination and creativity as they made beautiful flower rangolis using a variety of colourful flowers. A demonstration of veni making followed by practicing making them made the session engaging as well as interesting.

Session 5 –Tie and Dye

Colours have a special effect on our minds. Children love colours too! And when they get to use their hands to mess up and paint something they enjoy it. In this session children were given a demonstration of making a dye out of marigold flowers. They were then taught the tie and dye technique. They used the tied kerchiefs and dyed them in the freshly prepared dye. They were mesmerized with the final product!

Session 6 – Origami flowers

Children followed a step-by-step demonstration session to make some tulip flowers with the origami technique. This gave them an opportunity to use their motor skills along with perseverance.

Session 7 - Icing Flowers

Children love cakes and the icing over the cakes. The last session of flowers was just an icing on the cake! Literally! One of the Jumping Joey’s parents who is a renowned baker/ chef came over and demonstrated icing flowers and some fondant flowers. Children were thrilled to get this opportunity to make some icing flowers and decorate their own cupcakes.