Face to Face With Your Face (June)

Session 1 - Facts about teeth

Children interacted with Dr. Neha Date-Sohoni, an Orthodentist. They learnt important facts about teeth, care to be taken, right kind of food to be eaten, difference between children and adult teeth and more. They made there own teeth prints with help of dough.

Session 2 - Made edible teeth

Children made edible teeth with help of apple, peanut butter and marshmallows.

Session 3 - Learnt about parts of the skin

In this session children interacted with Dr. Bipin Deshpande, an eminent Skin Specialist. They learnt about parts of the skin, fact that nails and hair are also part of skin, various colours of skin, proper diet and care necessary for healthy skin and more.

Session 4 - Made their own whitening cream from scratch

Children made their own whitening cream from scratch. They used cooked rice, aloe vera gel, coconut oil and milk to make the cream. They enjoyed the process of making and testing the results of the whitening cream. They also checked their skin colours with the colour scale.