Continued exploring Air (October)

Making Music with Air- Oct- 4

Children made Harmonica and fan flute during this session. They were thrilled with their creation. They went ahead and experimented by adjusting the height and width of the straws and sticks to see change in the sound made by these instruments.

Parachute making - Oct-11

Children made parachutes using a variety of papers. They recorded their observations about the time taken to fly these parachutes at different heights. They could also understand the relation of material and speed of the parachutes. They talked about various uses of parachutes made of different materials. This created a scientific attitude towards learning while playing.

Art and Games with Air- Oct 18

Children did some fun straw painting. They blew air through the blobs of paint to create crazy hair to various human faces. They blew pompoms, slowly and carefully through a defined path and thoroughly enjoyed the game.