The theme for the month of July and August was ‘Sign Language’

During the Sign Language sessions children got an opportunity to understand the use and importance of sign language in various aspects of life. Visit to the special restaurant where sign language is practiced wascherry on the cake.

Session 1 - Yoga mudra

Children learnt various mudras that depict or represent various objects and are helpful for keeping good health, mental peace and concentration.

Session 2 - Dance language

Children interacted with a Bharatnatyam dancer who unfolded the message of signs used in dance to tell a story. Children enjoyed the session very much.

Session 3 - Common signs

Session 3 Common signs
Children went around to find out places that had various signboards and talked about the commonly seen signs around them.

Session 4 - Restaurant visit

Children along with their parents visited a special restaurant where sign language is used to take orders. The display of alphabets with signs attracted children and they imitated them and tried to make messages.
They even ordered menu using sign language. It was one of the unique experiences for children.