Bingo Mania-The Fun Game

Bingo Mania - The Fun Game (May)

We all love to have fun especially during holidays. Bingo is one such fun game that can be played with friends, colleagues and family. Jumping Joey’s made it more special by designing different bingo ideas to involve kids and give them the fun and learn opportunity.

Busy Bingo-3 May

In this session children had to perform, interact, create, count and answer various questions as per the directions. They were thoroughly engaged during this hour and a half session.

Math Bingo-10 May

As its name suggests children had to follow the statements and work out the answers by finding things asked.

Roll A Dice Bingo-17 May

Playing with a dice is so much fun. Giving children an opportunity to subitizer and at the same time finding out the answer using co-ordinates was a unique experience.

Clue Bingo-24 May

Guessing the answers with the clue given was truly exciting. Reading statements and comprehending them was an important aspect of this session.

Know Your Family Bingo-31 May

The statements in this clue session got children to know about their family better. It also got them a lot of information about their family as well as their friend’s family.