Box Not A Box

Box Artifact 08/03/2020

Children have immense imagination. This time making an artifact using their imagination made it an interesting session at Jumping Joey’s Experiential Learning Center’s, Sunday Activity Club. In continuation of
the theme ‘Box! Not A Box’, children were asked to make an artifact out of a box. They got a lot of accessories to choose from to make their idea look as they had imagined the final product to be. They had to follow steps such as planning the artifact, sketching it, listing the necessary material needed and then the actual process.

Not A Box- Story session 01/03/2020

Story telling has lost its place in today’s schooling practice. This statement is not at all an exaggeration. There is no time for reading or narrating stories to children and getting the multiple benefits of it. This month’s theme at Jumping Joey’s Sunday Activity Club was a book, ‘Not A Box’. The first session today focused on the story itself. This not only gave the children realization and freedom to set their imagination really wild but also gave them a chance to acquire new vocabulary as they looked at the pictures
and guessed what the Box meant to the rabbit in this story. Imagination brings creativity and invention. The drawings that the children drew as an exercise after the story session spoke all about the limitless capacity they have to relate to things, let them be real or make-belief. It was indeed a successful session!
Next to follow is the actual creation of the wonderful imaginations to reality!