Let Us Paint- January and February

The theme for the months of January and February was ‘Let Us Paint’. A variety of experiences with different types of paints was given to children during this theme. Each session created interest and enhanced their knowledge about Painting.

Session 1 – Face and body painting

Children got to make their own cream based paint using food colour and paint their faces and bodies safely. Children thoroughly loved this session as they got freedom to paint themselves safely.

Session 2 – Canvas Painting

A simple and artistic way to create mind-blowing frames with canvas was the focus of this session. Children created designs of their choice with a scotch tape and painted with their favourite colours in the spaces created. The children were super excited to see the final product and carried theirs home proudly.

Session 3 – Warli Painting

Learning to make a different kind of paint using rice flour and creating some traditional Warli art was the session’s highlight. Children loved to draw human figures with actions of their choice and painted them with the rice flour.

Session 4 – Spray Painting

Using Toothbrush to paint and create variations in the painting made this session full of fun. Children made some cutouts and placed them to create effects in their spray painting designs. Their creativity and curiosity got a good exposure.

Session 5 – Wall Painting

Getting to see a big wall painted by a painter and then getting freedom to follow his steps to create a mini wall painting made this session very special. Children enjoyed every step of this type of painting.

Session 6 – Glass painting

Painting on a glass was yet another exciting experience for children. They got the glassware safely, handled it safely and made beautiful designs on them. They could not wait to get their creations home to show their family.

Session 7 – Car Painting

Visit to a ‘Dent and Paint’ workshop was ‘one of its kind’ experiences for children. Children keenly gathered and registered all the information they received at the workshop. They also drew things that they observed so that they remember them for a long time.

Session 8 – Visit to a painting studio

Interaction with an artist and taking a close look at the pictures painted by him as well as asking questions related to painting made this visit a special one.