My Earth Day Pledge – (April)

First session - Concept of reduce, reuse, recycle

Concept of reduce, reuse, recycle was introduced to children and a game of sorting waste was played by children. They were shown the Reduce, reuse, recycle- logo and asked to find 2 objects in their house that had the logo. Children were given the Earth Day pledge, which they read as a group.
Homework to keep a record of the different Earth friendly habits was assigned to them. They had to do it during the week and record in the sheet.

Second session - Pledge to begin the session

Children repeated the pledge to begin the session. They talked about which Earth friendly activities they did during the last week. Children closured an Earth Day picture and made it into a puzzle. They discussed the things they could reuse, reduce and recycle.
They got to do another homework. This time they had to record the Earth Day chores they did during the week from the sheet provided. 

Third session - Make a poster for Earth Day

Children were asked to make a poster for Earth Day. They had to send a message about conserving Earth through the poster. Children also got to do a word search related to Mother Earth.
They also got information about the Earth Day that is celebrated on April 22. They all were invited to participate in the Earth Hour activity conducted by Jumping Joeys.

Fourth session - Bingo game with respect to the Earth Day

Children played a Bingo game with respect to the Earth Day. They made two kinds of bird feeders from the waste material and bird food. It was a fun activity to sum up the theme.