The theme for the month of May was ‘Summer activities’.

The theme for the month of May was ‘Summer activities’.Children were given an experience of a variety of activities that are usually enjoyed by children in summer.

Session 1 – Water balloon play and wet chalk painting

Children played with water balloons tossing them and rolling them. They also did wet chalk paintings on the floor as well as in their books. They made bird feeders to hang in their balconies to feed hungry birds.

Session 2 – Batata kees and sabudana papdya

Children thoroughly enjoyed making the batata kees by peeling and grating half boiled potatoes. They also made colourful sabudana papdya and kept them for sun drying. Through this they learnt use of summer sun for drying and storing some yummy snacks for the year.

Session 3 – Summer coolers

Children participated in this activity to prepare some healthy summer coolers using ingredients such as watermelon, coconut water, green mango. They made watermelon shot, coconut cooler and aam panha following steps such as scraping, juicing, mixing, churning and finally tasting the coolers.

Session 4 – Ice cream making

A very exciting activity of ice cream making is a must for summers. Children made a dummy pot ice cream in a tin. They used milk and cream, ice and salt. They learned the property of salt together with ice to reduce temperature in order to harden the milk mixture into ice cream. They also enjoyed making ice cream in a zip lock bag.

Session 5 – Cards and Bhel making

Summer holidays are incomplete without card games. So children were introduced to cards and then simple card games in this session. Later they enjoyed making bhel. They cut onions and tomatoes and then mixed the bhel ingredients. They enjoyed eating this yummy snack!